New GeoGebra Tablet Apps with 3D

We are pleased to announce that our fully fledged GeoGebra 5 with 3D View is now also available for Android tablets and iPads. We’ve got a little more work to do before we can launch in the Windows Store, but we will bring you that version soon too!

Android App on Google Play  (Apple Logo) Download on the App Store

We’re very excited about this update as you can now enjoy the same GeoGebra power and experience on your tablet like just like on your laptop or desktop. Some highlights:

  • Save and load directly to/from your GeoGebraTube profile
  • All views: Graphics, Algebra, Spreadsheet, CAS and 3D
  • 3D supported on most Android tablets and iPads with iOS 8+
  • Full CAS View available on Android 4.4+ and iOS for exact calculations
  • Context menus available using long-touch on objects and views
  • Object Properties and Construction Protocol
  • All 1000 GeoGebra commands supported
  • 120,000+ GeoGebra searchable materials at your fingertips
  • New Tablet Tutorials

Solendoides in Android 4.4

Exact construction of a circumcircle in the CAS View


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GeoGebra goes Web, Touch, and 3D

Today, we have released our new GeoGebra Chrome App and GeoGebra Web App including

  • a brand-new user interface that works great both with Touch and Mouse, so you can use it on laptops, desktops and tablets
  • all the great features you know from our desktop app: Graphics, Algebra, Spreadsheet, CAS and 3D
  • direct saving/loading your files to GeoGebraTube using your GeoGebra, Google, Facebook, Twitter or Microsoft account, so you can access your work on all devices everyhwere

Learn more in our tutorial document: GeoGebra Quickstart for Web & Tablet App

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GeoGebra goes 3D

Phew! We’ve had to rewrite pretty much the whole of GeoGebra to achieve this, and we’ve had to do this while doing other cool things like HTML5 & the CAS View but finally we’re ready to release GeoGebra 5 with 3D.

Mathieu Blossier

Mathieu  “3D Superhero” Blossier

The 3D Superhero behind all this is of course Mathieu Blossier who has been coding and coordinating from his poky attic room in Rouen since 2008 and as they say “When the going gets tough, the tough get going” which definitely applies to Mathieu.

There have already been many benefits to 2D GeoGebra behind the scenes from the 3D work. For example in GeoGebra 4 we added the Point in Object tool so that Points could be placed on Polygons in 3D later on.

As usual our wonderful translators have been working hard ready for the release so GeoGebra 5 is already available in all the usual languages.

Some other highlights:

You can read about the full changes in the Release Notes.

Here are some 3D examples that you can try:

7 Mutually touching cylinders

7 Mutually touching cylinders

Unnamed shape, discovered using GeoGebra

Unnamed shape, discovered using GeoGebra

Net of a cube

Net of a cube

Cross-section of a pyramid

Cross-section of a pyramid

Possible cross-sections of a plane with a cone (ellipse, circle, parabola)

Dandelin’s theorem

Anyway, enough said. Download GeoGebra with 3D and have fun!

Mike, Markus and the entire GeoGebra team

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GeoGebra with 3D View

As you may know we have been working on adding the 3D View to GeoGebra for a long time now. It’s been a much longer journey than we first imagined. In particular since 2008, the need has arisen to have 3D working first in Java (JOGL), and then with WebGL / HTML5 technologies.

Now, we are ready to show the first beta version of our new GeoGebra Chrome App with 3D View.

Of course we’re still developing the Java desktop version alongside and GeoGebraTube will support displaying 3D files using WebGL / HTML5 as well. Our 3D applets already work on devices with Android 4.4 (and Android 4.3 devices supporting WebGL), for example, Nexus 7 Phones and Nexus 10 Tablets. If you have an iPad you will have to wait for iOS 8 to be released later this year to use our 3D applets on GeoGebraTube.

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Faster, Smaller GeoGebra Applets

We were very pleased with how the switch to HTML5 on GeoGebraTube went at the end of last year, and with how the community responded by helping each other to sort out the minor changes from our Java to HTML5 applets, eg changes needed to LaTeX. But as you know, we’re always working to make GeoGebra better, faster & more fun each year and we’ve never sat back and thought “it’s finished”.

GeoGebra Applet on PhoneOver the last year we’ve been working on a top-secret project to improve GeoGebraTube which is now ready for its first public showing. At the moment a typical HTML5 applet downloads over 3MB when it’s first run and starts up in about 3s (on a fast computer). With our new “GeoGebra Applet Compiler” technology, the same applet downloads only about 0.4MB and starts up in 0.8s on the same machine. In addition our compiled applets run much more smoothly even on slower devices and support retina resolutions on iPhone 4, 5, iPad 3, 4, Nexus 7, Nexus 10 etc.

Try some example applets using our new GeoGebra Applet Compiler:

There are a few limitations about what will work with the new applet compiler (we’ll release details later) and it will only work inside GeoGebraTube, so we will still continue to improve and support our other versions of GeoGebra as well, of course. Our goal is to make these new faster and smaller GeoGebra applets the default for most materials on GeoGebraTube automatically in the background without you having to do anything. We will keep you posted 😉

Mike & the GeoGebra Developer Team

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GeoGebra Office App

With our new GeoGebra Office App, you can now easily include interactive GeoGebra worksheets in Microsoft Word. You can search GeoGebraTube and will get a nice preview image of the worksheet in your document after pressing the “insert” button. Just click the play button to open it in a popup window and enjoy GeoGebra’s full interactivity!


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GeoGebra 4.4

Try our brand new GeoGebra 4.4 with:

  • More powerful and faster CAS View
  • Sign-in to GeoGebraTube to search / share materials
  • Object Properties and Graphics View 2 now also available in our Web Application
  • GeoGebraTube now supports Private & Shared materials as well as Public as well as HTML5 applets with multiple views
  • New language: Latvian
  • Please find all details in our GeoGebra 4.4 Release Notes

As well as being much faster, the new CAS View can tackle harder problems than before and solve coordinate geometry problems exactly:

Have fun playing and thanks for your feedback in advance!

Mike, Markus, and the GeoGebra Dev Team

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Tablet apps, take 2

The latest update of our tablet apps brings the following new features:

  • New tools: area, length, slope, circle with point and radius, angle with given size, segment with given length
  • Increased font size, bigger sliders
  • Support for right-to-left languages
  • Decreased app size
  • Bugfixes related to opening files with images
  • Windows: faster app start time
  • Android, iPad: opening/saving files from/to external apps
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GeoGebra 4.4 and HTML5 applets coming 1st December

We have some exciting announcements for you:

  • GeoGebra 4.4 will be released on 1st December 2013. The main change is that the CAS View is much better & faster. You can already try our Release Candidate.

  • On 1st of December, we will also switch GeoGebraTube to “HTML5 preferred”. This means that we will display materials using our HTML5 applets by default where possible, and deliver Java applets only for older browsers (like Internet Explorer 8). There are a few advanced things that are not fully supported in our HTML5 applets yet (e.g. some LaTeX commands), so please check your GeoGebraTube worksheets by clicking on “View as HTML5 Applet”. If you need help updating your worksheets, please ask in the forum.
    We have also added an option in GeoGebraTube to set the preferred applet type, so you can e.g. force an applet to still be shown in Java (Edit Material -> Advanced Settings -> Preferred Applet Type -> Default/HTML5/Java), however the future is definitely HTML5 😉

  • If you are hosting GeoGebra applets on your own website, please see this important announcement to make sure these applets will continue to work well in the future also.

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GeoGebra, the Wikispaces Way

GeoGebra and our friends at Wikispaces got together to make using GeoGebra in your Wikispaces classroom fun and easy with our new GeoGebra widget!

Why do we like Wikispaces so much? Well, its probably because they are a lot like GeoGebra and our community! Wikispaces is one of those amazing free resources that actually makes teaching and learning easier, interactive, and social. Hmmm, sound familiar?

Not only is Wikispaces probably the best wiki tool available to teachers and students everywhere, it has also inspired a generation of collaborative learners, with as many as 35 million visitors to Wikispaces every month. That’s what we call a critical mass of learning power!  Now… mix in a little GeoGebra and what have you got?…dynamic STEM teaching and learning wiki pages everywhere!

Want to read more? Check out what they are saying about GeoGebra on the Wikispaces blog. It’s not only pretty flattering about our community, but also tells you how to get started using the GeoGebra widget on a Wikispaces Classroom page of your own.

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