GeoGebra, the Wikispaces Way

GeoGebra and our friends at Wikispaces got together to make using GeoGebra in your Wikispaces classroom fun and easy with our new GeoGebra widget!

Why do we like Wikispaces so much? Well, its probably because they are a lot like GeoGebra and our community! Wikispaces is one of those amazing free resources that actually makes teaching and learning easier, interactive, and social. Hmmm, sound familiar?

Not only is Wikispaces probably the best wiki tool available to teachers and students everywhere, it has also inspired a generation of collaborative learners, with as many as 35 million visitors to Wikispaces every month. That’s what we call a critical mass of learning power!  Now… mix in a little GeoGebra and what have you got?…dynamic STEM teaching and learning wiki pages everywhere!

Want to read more? Check out what they are saying about GeoGebra on the Wikispaces blog. It’s not only pretty flattering about our community, but also tells you how to get started using the GeoGebra widget on a Wikispaces Classroom page of your own.

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