GeoGebra 4.4 and HTML5 applets coming 1st December

We have some exciting announcements for you:

  • GeoGebra 4.4 will be released on 1st December 2013. The main change is that the CAS View is much better & faster. You can already try our Release Candidate.

  • On 1st of December, we will also switch GeoGebraTube to “HTML5 preferred”. This means that we will display materials using our HTML5 applets by default where possible, and deliver Java applets only for older browsers (like Internet Explorer 8). There are a few advanced things that are not fully supported in our HTML5 applets yet (e.g. some LaTeX commands), so please check your GeoGebraTube worksheets by clicking on “View as HTML5 Applet”. If you need help updating your worksheets, please ask in the forum.
    We have also added an option in GeoGebraTube to set the preferred applet type, so you can e.g. force an applet to still be shown in Java (Edit Material -> Advanced Settings -> Preferred Applet Type -> Default/HTML5/Java), however the future is definitely HTML5 😉

  • If you are hosting GeoGebra applets on your own website, please see this important announcement to make sure these applets will continue to work well in the future also.

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