Faster, Smaller GeoGebra Applets

We were very pleased with how the switch to HTML5 on GeoGebraTube went at the end of last year, and with how the community responded by helping each other to sort out the minor changes from our Java to HTML5 applets, eg changes needed to LaTeX. But as you know, we’re always working to make GeoGebra better, faster & more fun each year and we’ve never sat back and thought “it’s finished”.

GeoGebra Applet on PhoneOver the last year we’ve been working on a top-secret project to improve GeoGebraTube which is now ready for its first public showing. At the moment a typical HTML5 applet downloads over 3MB when it’s first run and starts up in about 3s (on a fast computer). With our new “GeoGebra Applet Compiler” technology, the same applet downloads only about 0.4MB and starts up in 0.8s on the same machine. In addition our compiled applets run much more smoothly even on slower devices and support retina resolutions on iPhone 4, 5, iPad 3, 4, Nexus 7, Nexus 10 etc.

Try some example applets using our new GeoGebra Applet Compiler:

There are a few limitations about what will work with the new applet compiler (we’ll release details later) and it will only work inside GeoGebraTube, so we will still continue to improve and support our other versions of GeoGebra as well, of course. Our goal is to make these new faster and smaller GeoGebra applets the default for most materials on GeoGebraTube automatically in the background without you having to do anything. We will keep you posted 😉

Mike & the GeoGebra Developer Team

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