GeoGebra in Mongolia

We are delighted to see that our community is rapidly expanding in Mongolia, too! Let us introduce today GeoGebra Institute of Mongolia, led by Navchaa Tserendorj, teacher of initial Math teachers’ at the National University of Mongolia.

As a new institute, born in the summer of 2012, our main goal is to make GeoGebra easy to reach for Mongolian educational institutions, professors, students and teachers. The first step on this probably long road was translating the software (GeoGebra 4.0 and 4.2) to Mongolian language since we think getting acquainted with the software in one’s  mother tongue is the most essential for it becoming  popular. Then we started to organize local workshops: first at the National University of Mongolia, School of Mathematics and Computer Science with 20 participants, then at the Mongolian State University of Education with 100 participants, both held in December, 2012.

GeoGebra | Dynamic Mathematics in action

Mongolia is quite a big country, its territory is more then 1 500 000 km2. Almost half the population, 1 700 000 people live in Ulanbator (literally “Red Hero”), in the capital. Navchaa, our chair is very enthusiastic about designing video tutorials, which she shares with primary and secondary school teachers to help them introduce GeoGebra into their classrooms. Till now, a huge number,  840 teachers have participated in her video lessons from almost all provinces in Mongolia; this year she is planning to produce some more  video tutorials.

This summer we plan to finish translation of GeoGebra 5.0 into Mongolian language. As Navchaa works at the National University of Mongolia as a professor for teaching initial teacher students to Mathematics, and her research focus is the integration of ICT into Mathematics teaching, this year she will integrate GeoGebra into her “Introduction of Mathematical software” course.

Organizing competitions both for students and teachers will be part of our plans for this year to make GeoGebra even more popular and fun.

For more information please visit our site at and join our facebook group at:

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