GeoGebra Ambassador #11

Who are you, what are you doing?

agustinMy name is Agustin Carrillo de Albornoz Torres and I am a Secondary School Mathematics Professor. At present I am working at the University of Cordoba (Spain), I am the director of GeoGebra Institute in Andalusia.

I am involved in working with various associations of professors and I am the chief secretary of the Spanish Federation of Teachers of Mathematics (FESPM) and the American Federation of Societies of Mathematical Education (FISEM).

When did you first try GeoGebra?

I started using GeoGebra in 2005. At that time I was coordinating a project on the integration of ICT in teaching in “Jándula Secondary School” which involved to provide computers for the whole school. Among the available programs to use in the classroom, it was GeoGebra. As I had some experience with dynamic geometry programs, I encouraged myself to find out what GeoGebra could offer.
In 2009 I published the book “GeoGebra. Much more than dynamic geometry ” whose aim was to offer some materials that could encourage and help teachers get started with GeoGebra.

How could we make GeoGebra even better?

It is not easy to answer this question because in each new version of GeoGebra we find significant improvements, as we have seen it with the addition of CAS or as it will happen with the 3D version.
In relation to the CAS version, I consider it still has to incorporate some commands and options to increase its power and in terms of the 3D version, I hope that we will soon enjoy the final version.
I also hope that versions for tablets and phones, which will make us have GeoGebra ready in our hands, will be available soon.

What do you love in GeoGebra?

Although all aspects of GeoGebra are remarkable, what I like most is its simplicity , which makes it so easy to use as it is such an intuitive program.
In addition, the ease offered by Geogebra to match levels or contents at any time they are working, make us consider it as an essential tool for all teachers who wish to incorporate ICT into their classroom.
Another noteworthy aspect is the community which has been created with millions of users willing to share materials and experiences, making it easy to use and ,above all, the power to solve any questions or problems quickly.
And finally, I also like the continuous evolution of GeoGebra, which forces as well as encourages us to discover the possibilities the new versions incorporate.

What are the GeoGebra related activities you participate?

From the GeoGebra Institute of Andalusia, I have taken part in the organization of meetings and conferences convened since its creation, which took place in Córdoba (2010 and 2013), Huelva (2011) and Granada(2012).
For many years I have participated in face-to-face and online teacher training courses in the use of ICT resources, including GeoGebra, promoting their use and encouraging teachers to their incorporation and use in the classroom.
This training is completed with various workshops and lectures at conferences and seminars held in Spain and Latin America.
Taking advantage of being the chief secretary of the FISEM ,I take part in all activities that the associations that belong to the federation call to promote and spread the use of GeoGebra.
Furthermore, in collaboration with the Organization of Ibero-American States (OEI) I participate in the development of materials and resources to use GeoGebra , which are being used in online training courses.
Also, in collaboration with the OEI and its American Institute of ICT and Education (IBERTIC) we have called “GeoGebra Day in Latin America” which will take place in Montevideo on September 14 as a previous activity to CIBEM .

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18 comments on “GeoGebra Ambassador #11
  1. it is very good…i like GEOGEBRA…i want to learn more about GEOGEBRA.

  2. it is very good…i like GEOGEBRA…i want to learn more about GEOGEBRA.

  3. it is very good…i like GEOGEBRA…i want to learn more about GEOGEBRA.

  4. Congratulations, Mr ambassador,

  5. Sandra Pana says:

    Felicidades Augustin.
    He utilizado, utilizo , y utilizaré Geogebra , es algo más que una "tiza" inteligente.

  6. Enhorabuena.Lo tuyo es no parar. Pena que no haya muchos.

  7. ¡¡Muchas felicidades, Sr. Embajador! Un abrazo

  8. ¡¡Muchas felicidades, Sr. Embajador! Un abrazo

  9. ¡¡Muchas felicidades, Sr. Embajador! Un abrazo

  10. Agustin, enhorabuena por tu excelente trabajo de difusión de Geogebra.

  11. Miguel A. Palomino says:

    ¡Enhorabuena, Agustín! A pulso te lo has ganado con tanto trabajo durante tantos años.
    Es un reconocimiento muy justo. ¡Muchas felicidades! Un abrazo.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Mis felicitaciones, es muy justo que te nombre embajador de esta revolución en el mundo de la enseñanza de las matemáticas.

  13. Una elección acertadísima. Sin duda alguna, el mejor.

  14. ¡Enhorabuena, Agustín! Por cierto, como embajador ¿qué tratamiento debemos darte?
    Un fuerte abrazo desde Galicia.


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