Research activities of the GeoGebra Institute of the University of Pretoria

There are more and more countries in the world like South-Africa where GeoGebra is already very-well established: almost all universities involved in Mathematics teacher education and many mathematics teachers are using GeoGebra. Gerrit Stols, chair of the GeoGebra Institute of the University of Pretoria, South-Africa has played a very important role in this.

Gerrit has given about 40 workshops all over  South-Africa since the establishment of the GeoGebra Institute in 2009. Many education ministry officials and math-teachers from Gauteng, Limpopo regions and the Free State have attended these workshops.

Based on his long teaching experience he has compiled an easy-to-follow GeoGebra 4.2 manual (based on the school curriculum), which you can download from the geogebra tube: This manual has short YouTube video illustrations of each section.

Gerrit has also written articles evaluating his teaching experience, you can download his research results here:

  • Stols, G.H. (2012). Does the use of technology make a difference in pre-service teachers’ geometric cognitive growth? Australasian Journal of Educational Technology, 28(7), 1233-1247. (ISSN: 1449-5554 & impact factor: 1.655)
  • Stols, G.H. &Kriek, J. (2011). Why don’t all maths teachers use dynamic geometry software in their classrooms? Australian Journal of Educational Technology, 27(1), 137-151. (ISSN: 1449-5554 & impact factor: 1.278)

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