Google Summer of Code Mentor Summit

Thanks to Google, this year we had 7 students for the Google Summer of Code program. This was the 3rd year we have been involved after 5 and 7 supported students since 2010. As an official closing of the annual program, mentors of the involved organizations were invited to California, United States, to meet at the Mentor Summit on 20-21 October 2012.

Photo by Robin Smidsrød

The summit took place at the Google Headquarters in Mountain View. About 300 mentors worldwide came together to have an unconference about participant-driven topics including student selection process, events, financial questions of open source development, free software in education, and more. Lots of important FOSS took part in the sessions like LibreOffice, The GNU Project, KDE, Gnome, PHPBB, Joomla, Mediawiki, Inkscape and Xapian. GeoGebra was represented by Balázs Koren and Zoltán Kovács from Hungary and Austria.

Mentors from other mathematics related free software were also participating, namely Virgilio Gomez Rubio from the R project and Burcin Erocal from Sage. GeoGebra already has some kind of direct connections to both software, and this meeting was a good time to plan further developments between us.

As usual, Google offered a great hospitality to all participants. California was sunny during these days and it was a perfect time to make excursions to important places of the Silicon Valley and San Francisco as well.

San Francisco and the Golden Gate bridge from North

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