GeoGebra 20-20 STEM Challenge: Call for New Interns and Mentors!

Tran Minh Phuc and Bence Karpati have successfully graduated their Geogebra Internship.Following a presentation with Milestone students in Budapest GeoGebra offices at the end of last year, we agreed a challenge  to identify and put together new and existing best practice Geogebra resources into a STEM 20-20 framework. We identified a number of excellent resources and the activity chosen by Tran and Bence was to develop a new GeoGebra resource and in so doing report how easy (or not) they found GeoGebra, and also the way in which they learnt and developed their expertise.

Their reports found evidence for the ease of GeoGebra per se, and also the immense impact of GeoGebra as a global community learning tool. In their own words:

I could easily use the basic functions without any tutorials. I found some useful videos and tutorials in the GeoGebra forums and on YouTube. This video, helped me to understand the basics of animating in GeoGebra:

I used this forum topic to learn how to create moving squares. It seems to me that the GeoGebra community is very active. There was a forum topic or video for everything I searched for. It took very little time to find answers to my questions. I think I learned a lot about how real work is done at a company. We had Skype conferences and real life meetings.

The internet was also tremendous help for me. has its own video tube, own forum where you can share opinions, ask questions, suggest solutions etc. This creates a whole GeoGebra community which i believe is a key essential for this software. We held skype conferences regularly to keep each other updated, we have a Facebook group which made communication and organization much easier. We also have a headquarter at Milestone where at the beginning many presentations took place to introduce GeoGebra and GeoGebraSTEM.

This physical and virtual mix has proven very powerful. The Geogebra STEM examples from around the world and framework can be seen in: GeoGebra STEM:

The work of Tran and Bence evidencing the impact of the GeoGebra tool and community can be seen towards the end of:The Impact of Geogebra – Evidence:

We are now issuing a call for new GeoGebra Interns and also Mentors from all over the world! The project will be again based in the Budapest Milestone office, but now open to the 149 (and counting) Geogebra Institutes around the world!

The challenge, focussing on GeoGebra STEM and the community, will be announced and launched June 15th.  It could be a summer project or longer. Deadline for completion will be October 15th.

To register your interest, please contact Julia Vida before the 15th June at

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