Google Education on Air GeoGebra hangouts

Today is the last episode of the Google Education on Air hangout series. If you missed the episodes, you can watch them on YouTube, or embedded here.

1) EDU ON AIR – Introduction to GeoGebra Chrome App
Recorded in Las Vegas, while I was Sloan-C / MERLOT conference

2) EDU ON AIR – Using GeoGebra’s Geometry View
Recorded in Denver, Colorado close to the NCTM exhibition hall. There were some problems with the internet connection, but you can see the GeoGebra booth at the NCTM.

3) EDU ON AIR – Using GeoGebra’s Algebra View
Back in Budapest, algebra view.

4) EDU ON AIR – Using GeoGebra’s Spreadsheet View
Spreadsheet view, had some problems refreshing the views. New version came out soon after the hangout, so there shouldn’t be any more problems.

5) EDU ON AIR – Fun with GeoGebra
Invited some developers, GeoGebra Ambassadors. We are going to show some great applications and the future of the Chrome application.

Information to this episode:

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