GeoGebra Ambassador #9

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Mehdi Boulifa.  I am a teacher of mathematics in Tunisia. I am passionate about music, informatics and sport.

I created a website: and blogs in all the regions of Tunisia.

My blog is called GeoGebra in Tunisia.

When did you first try GeoGebra?

It was in 2008. I tried to create files to use GeoGebra in class afterwards.

What do you hate about GeoGebra?

Nothing. Perhaps, java can be slow in opening   html files.

What do you love about GeoGebra?

What I like about GeoGebra is: first it is for free. It facilitates the way we teach in class.  It has great tools educationally. Possible GeoGebra5 version goes even easier to use with its new features. GeoGebra is synonymous with sharing.  There is a wonderful forum which provides excellent support. All the more, it is shining all over the world and this can help the teacher to better  teach  mathematics to learners.

What are the GeoGebra related activities in which you participate?

  • I am the president of The Institute of GeoGebra in Tunisia which is the first in the Arab world and the third in Africa.
  • In September 2012 I attended the international conference in Warsaw GeoGebra
  • We are at the moment and with the help of school inspectors currently working on a program of training colleagues in all regions of Tunisia (  )and also we are now preparing certification for teachers (one program for month of March a caravan of training to go to remote areas and particularly in the south)
  • We update the translation software in Arabic
  • I hope that through our work at the Institute, we will eventually integrate GeoGebra activities in our textbooks, and achieve an international conference on GeoGebra Tunisia.

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