GeoGebra Ambassadors #4

Who are you, what are you doing?
I am Juan Pablo Serrano Echeverría. I am a math teacher who works as a national math adviser in the Department of Production and Management of Technological Resources, Technological Resources Direction, Ministry of Public Education, Costa Rica. I work making materials and giving workshops and videoconferences about the use of the ICT as an methodological instrument to improve the teaching and learning processes in mathematics. GeoGebra is my favourite software to do all of that.

When did you first try GeoGebra?
About 9 years ago, I was looking around the internet seaching for Java applets for my lessons. I was working in that days with Winplot and Wingeom, but I wanted a software which works in the web environment. And so, while looking and surfing the web… I found Geogebra! It was love at first sight. I began with version 2.5, then 2.6a, 2.6b and the others.

What do you love in GeoGebra?
I love everything!
If I have to choose one, I will say that the slider objects and the exportation as a web page what the first thing I love about GeoGebra. Now, the scripting features are something I am crazy about.
Geogebra is great and I like all the capabilities it has.
The spirit of Free Software is something I like very much.

What are the GeoGebra related activities you participate?
I worked in my country for a project about geometry, for the first level in highschool. We are using GeoGebra.
I participated giving two conferences and one workshop about GeoGebra in an International Math Festival in my country. At end of July and beginning of August I am going to participate as a plenary speaker at the 3rd North American Conference in Mexico and at the Latin American Conference in Colombia.
When I return to Costa Rica, I will organize and participate at a videoconferences cycle, for Central America to encourage people to use GeoGebra.

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