GeoGebraWeb – Spreadsheet view and more…

GeoGebra is not only available as a desktop application, but in the web browser too. You can try GeoGebraWeb

Today we are announcing the new Spreadsheet view in GeoGebraWeb. You now have the Algebra, Graphics and Spreadsheet view available in your web browser, all based on HTML5 without the need for any plugins. It is now also working in 44 languages (with Hindi as a new language) and variants.

Our development team is continuously working to make GeoGebraWeb better, faster and add more and more functionality of our desktop application. It would be great if you could give us feedback and suggestions in our GeoGebraWeb User Forum.

What is working now:

  • Graphics, algebra, and spreadsheet view
  • Tools and style bar of the graphics view
  • Input bar
  • Open and save ggb files, also with Google Drive

What is coming next in GeoGebraWeb:

  • Right-click menus
  • Properties dialogs
  • CAS view

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One comment on “GeoGebraWeb – Spreadsheet view and more…
  1. Hilario Bernardo Paredes says:

    Excelente! GeoGebraWeb vienvenida para los amantes de las ciencias.


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