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Days are passing and the summer conference time is getting closer and closer. In two weeks we (Simon and I) will attend EACA 2012 in Spain, and then CADGME 2012 in Serbia. For both we are preparing with the new features of GeoGebra, namely the provers.

Even during the last week there were lots of improvements on the user interface. Now GeoGebra accepts statements in ab, cd, EF (or E==F) format, and both segments and lines can be used in many proofs. The non-degeneracy conditions are also reported for almost all investigations. These are maybe nuances for a researcher, but important details for most users, for example students: GeoGebra must be intuitive in all subtopics of the mathematics. This is what we try to focus on: to ease understanding of difficult things.

This screenshot shows a non-degeneracy condition for the triangle midsegment theorem: if the points A and B are different, then the theorem is true. Here we used the "parallel" sign to define the statement. The URL shows that Google hosts the web version of GeoGebra, but also an offline version can be installed for the Google Chrome browser.

For those who are interested in the very technical information, we updated the wiki page for theorem proving on our developers’ site. The newest results for the benchmarking suite are also available here.

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