ORBIT/GeoGebra Primary Mathematics Competition – Results!

Wow! The power of GeoGebra is in both the maths and the community. We had some excellent entries and as per the rules are forced to pick three winners. But to keep you on the edge of your seats 🙂

Our judges were Janet Blair from the University of Cambridge ORBIT team, two primary school children (the youngest 5) and myself. You can see the entries by searching ORBITCOMP in GeoGebraTube. Some were very good but did not include the required necessary descriptions for ORBIT, some were apparent duplications, but more than three were really excellent. Janet from the ORBIT team now says’ I’m a big fan of GeoGebra and I look forward to integrating some of these resources into the enquiry-based learning unit of our OER4Schools online professional development resource.’ We will be contacting authors. (http://orbit.educ.cam.ac.uk/wiki/OER4Schools).

So…here are the results:

3rd place goes to goldenj (the number and representation game), ‘I could already see an improvement in my 5 year olds counting strategy after a while of playing it.’ says the parent.

2nd place goes to irinaboyadzhiev for positioning fractions

1st place goes to Orchiming Anthony Or for variety of areas and fixed perimeters

In conclusion, we thank and salute the professionalism of our entrants and the power of the GeoGebra community, note the fact that GeoGebra can be used by 5-year olds, and are considering what to do with a late entry describing a GeoGebra workshop for 240 children average age 8! WOW!

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