GeoGebra Chrome App released

GeoGebra in the browser. That is our new goal. And not just that. With the collaboration with Google, we have developed the GeoGebra Chrome App. It is basically GeoGebra in the browser with the extra functionality of storing the ggb files in the cloud using Google Drive.

Visit the Chrome Web Store and search for GeoGebra. Two Apps are there in the Store, one for the GeoGebraTube and the shiny new GeoGebra Web App.

After installing and launching the application, you should allow the app access to your Google Drive:

The app looks almost identical to the Java version:

And it not only looks like the Java version, but works like it too:

As a nice extra, today we’ve added Edit -> Insert Image from -> Webcam. You can then rotate/reflect/etc the image as you can do when you insert an image in the Java version.
You have to enable a flag in Chrome for this to work at the moment, details here:

What is working:

  • All commands, including the new ones from GeoGebra 4.2
  • Algebra View
  • Toolbar
  • Input Bar
  • Style Bar
  • Bonus features that the Java version doesn’t have:

  • Edit -> Insert Image from -> Webcam
  • Equation editing in the Algebra View
  • We hope to soon start work on adding:

  • 2nd Graphics View
  • Spreadsheet View
  • CAS View
  • 3D View
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