Methods of Teaching with GeoGebra

There is a great deal of GeoGebra-related information on the Web that focuses on (a) the technology (how to use the various features and tools in GeoGebra), or (b) the sharing of Dynamic Worksheets developed by faculty.

But what specific teaching methods, strategies, or models are being used to organize GeoGebra-based instruction? Specifically how would a Dynamic Worksheet-related learning activity be organized? How might it be assessed?

The U.S. Common Core-Mathematics emphasizes the notion that high quality mathematics education develops not only content competency but also habits of mind and higher-order skills that are integral to the process of mathematics, e.g., problem solving, reasoning, communications, etc. Are there some teaching methods, strategies, or models that help teachers using GeoGebra focus on both the content and the process of mathematics better than others?

At GeoGebra Iowa, one of our goals is to spotlight the pedagogy of GeoGebra use in the classroom by building an online “methods course” for teachers interested in using GeoGebra as an effective teaching/learning tool.

We hope that educators using GeoGebra, whether at the elementary, secondary, or postsecondary level, will help us build this resource by sharing ideas, experiences, and examples that focus on strategies and methods that are not math content-specific but are transferable.

Please visit us at: if you are interested in this topic or you would care to contribute.

Guest post by Jack Gittinger from the GeoGebra Institute of Iowa

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3 comments on “Methods of Teaching with GeoGebra
  1. At the GeoGebra Institute of UNAM in México, understand that different people learn on particular styles.
    On the VARK learning style website we found this quote:
    “Teach me my most difficult concepts in my preferred style.
    Let me explore my easiest concepts in a different style.
    Just don't teach me all the time in your preferred style,
    and think I'm not capable of learning."
    So what we found is that GeoGebra helps with these different styles with it approaches, maybe as a classroom teacher you are not able to reach all styles at a time. But you can certainly lead the class to learn on their own particular ways.


  3. أنا أستاد الرياضيات بالمغرب واستعمل جيوجيبرا بالقسم بالمستوى الإعدادي.


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