GeoGebra Exam App

The new GeoGebra Exam App allows you and your students to use the power of GeoGebra during exams alongside paper and pencil (ie like a graphing calculator) while restricting their access to the Internet and other software on their computers that should not be used during the exam.

GeoGebra Exam

The GeoGebra Exam App …

  • can be easily accessed via
  • runs in your browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 11, Safari), so no additional installations are required
  • can be customized in case your students should not have access to the full power of GeoGebra, eg you can turn off CAS or 3D features for exams
  • runs in fullscreen mode so students can’t use other programs or files during an exam

If a student leaves the GeoGebra Exam window (eg by opening another browser tab), the top header of GeoGebra Exam turns red immediately. An information button shows the Exam Log with detailed information when that happened and for how long.

GeoGebra Exam Alert

GeoGebra Exam Log

For more details on how to best use the GeoGebra Exam App during tests and exams, please see our GeoGebra Exam Tutorial. We plan to include the Exam Mode in our offline apps (Chrome, tablet, phone) as well soon. For now, please give it a try and let us know any ideas for improvements at, thanks!

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