GeoGebra with 3D View

As you may know we have been working on adding the 3D View to GeoGebra for a long time now. It’s been a much longer journey than we first imagined. In particular since 2008, the need has arisen to have 3D working first in Java (JOGL), and then with WebGL / HTML5 technologies.

Now, we are ready to show the first beta version of our new GeoGebra Chrome App with 3D View.

Of course we’re still developing the Java desktop version alongside and GeoGebraTube will support displaying 3D files using WebGL / HTML5 as well. Our 3D applets already work on devices with Android 4.4 (and Android 4.3 devices supporting WebGL), for example, Nexus 7 Phones and Nexus 10 Tablets. If you have an iPad you will have to wait for iOS 8 to be released later this year to use our 3D applets on GeoGebraTube.

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4 comments on “GeoGebra with 3D View
  1. 1 kata => Mengagumkan,
    Geogebra is wow, 😀

  2. Yusuf Badri says:

    jadi mirip dengan software cad yah ka..

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  1. […] As you may know we have been working on adding the 3D View to GeoGebra for a long time now. It’s been a much longer journey than we first imagined. In p  […]


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