We are on Instagram, are you?

If you are a student, you definitely know what instagram is. 🙂 For the rest of the world, instagram is an photo sharing application for pictures taken with smartphones.

Instagram has a client for Android and iOS operating systems. After downloading the client, you can easily share pictures to the Instagram cloud.

Today we start a game. Upload a picture with the hashtag: #ggbxmas. Of course, ggb+xmas means, the photo has to do something with GeoGebra and Christmas.

We are going to feature the latest images here in the sidebar of the blog, too.

This is a game for fun. Upload as many #ggbxmas photos, as you like, let your friends know about GeoGebra on instagram.

Of course, we thought about people, wo like contests. The first week of 2013, we are going to choose the best uploaded photo.

Rules for the contest

  1. Follow GeoGebra on instagram
  2. Have at least one photo uploaded with the #geogebra hashtag (it’s ok to use #ggbxmas and #geogebra for the same photo).
  3. You can upload as many photos with the #ggbxmas hashtag as you want. We are going to pick the best.

The prizes

  • The best photo is going to be used as the avatar for the GeoGebra Instagram account for the winter time.
  • You get an exclusive GeoGebra Instagram t-shirt.

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