We’ll be using this blog to provide a broad look at what’s happening in the GeoGebra community – everything from news to events to GeoGebra tips & tricks all in one place. Expect cross-postings from the great blogs out in our community and a chance to hear more from the people behind GeoGebra as well.

There won’t be just one blogger behind this effort but I’ll be standing in as editor/guardian. I try to manage the community at GeoGebra. I am a mathematics teacher in Hungary and a father of three kids. I’ve used GeoGebra for a long time, joined the team last year. It is a pleasure to be part of something that revolutionizes the mathematics education worldwide.

Stay tuned for more. Drop us a line as well if you have any ideas, editorial suggestions.

Expect a few changes in the design and structure of the blog in the near future.

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  1. […] in the first post, but maybe it is more important for me that I work in a great team. Balazs already wrote a few words about himself; I am also a mathematics teacher from Hungary, but currently working in […]


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